Video Consulting

 Hitting roadblocks in your performance? Need some advice on what to focus on next?

Let’s set up a video consultation to give you detailed constructive feedback for both creative and performance improvement plans. Get you the tools you need to make the positive changes you want to see in your program!


Virtual Clinics

These are LIVE visits through ZOOM conferencing software that can be arranged for any number of applications. Live classes, Leadership Seminars, Design Sessions, or even just brainstorming sessions for you and your staff!

 Travel, budget, or TIME constraints all are contributing factors that can get in the way of staff getting real-time, voice to voice, practical feedback to assist their everyday teaching. Not anymore!

You can get instant feedback to your biggest hurdles to you can put plans in place for improvement, today!

Schedule your first Virtual Clinic, TODAY!

Virtual Feedback

Parent Conferences, Logistics, Lesson Planning, Budget, Meetings, Sectionals, Team Meetings…your time gets filled up FAST.

Video Feedback is designed to help you break apart marching band & concert band rehearsals and performances to offer direct feedback to help YOU get the most out of your week. 

Within 72 hours or less of upload – I can deliver feedback to you for show design, music & visual execution, rehearsal efficiency, concert band rehearsal/performance, or even your section rehearsals.

All videos are created using LOOM software with both audio and video feedback from me on your content. Score annotation, lesson plan development, and lesson plan CREATION are all also available as service. 

You can get the pinpointed feedback you need for improvement and FAST!

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