It is my top priority to provide my clients an amazing experience. I am fortunate to be connected to amazing individuals, programs, and organizations all across the country that have shaped my experience in our activity. 

Client Focused

“Jason and his team of designers are fantastic people who are also exceptional at what they do. Jason cares deeply for his clients and helping to set them up for success. He is thorough in learning as much as possible about the groups he works for so that the design is not only innovative and fresh but also serves the needs of the ensemble in the best way possible. JRobb Designs is a great option for bands and creative performing arts organizations everywhere!”

Ryan Johnstone – Director of Bands – Rouse High School

Successful and Fun!

“Jason is uniquely qualified to help bands develop their marching productions!  In addition to being a gifted creator himself, his ability to communicate, and get others to communicate, has been unmatched in my experiences with program coordinators.  With his band directing experience, he is particularly adept at sharing the perspective of head band directors, easily understanding the constraints of budget, timeline, and more, and work within those parameters to develop a production that fits the program.  As an arranger, I will always jump at opportunities to work with Jason!  Our projects together are consistently productive, successful, and fun!”

Evan VanDoren – Brass Arranger/Composer – Santa Clara Vanguard

World Class Coordinator

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason for a few years and I am constantly impressed with his level of detail to every aspect of program design. As a band director, I always want to feel like my voice is heard at the design table and Jason does a great job of guiding the creative process into a collaborative team effort. Jason is a world-class coordinator, designer, and educator.”

Andrew Hicks – Magnolia West High School

One of the Best

“Jason Robb is one of the best in the business at creating a package that is not only student-centered but effective and engaging for not only the performers but the audience as well. As a designer, he is professional and timely and ensures that every aspect of the production is detailed and refined. The relationships created throughout the process are the foundation of JRobb Designs. Jason has the unique ability to connect with every client to meet the needs of their program and the community it serves.”

Jeremy Spicer – Award-winning Program Coordinator


“In my 24 years as a band director, my experience with drill/staging designers spans the entire spectrum of quality, professionalism, and timeliness. That said, I have two non-negotiable expectations: Quality drill must always be ready to learn when we are ready to learn it and Even though I KNOW my program is not your only client and I want to FEEL like my program is your only client.

I can say without hesitation, Jason passed both tests with flying colors. Like everyone else, lingering covid-driven attrition forced us to fight the numbers game throughout summer band and even into the first couple weeks of school. We needed several drill rewrites until our numbers finally settled, and Jason never faltered. Throughout the season, we were always able to have candid, yet professional conversations about what the students needed in order to be successful, and Jason always cheerfully delivered. His invaluable experience as a former 5A head band director gives him a priceless perspective of what is achievable yet effective within the available rehearsal time. His drill is smart, creative, on the grid as much as possible, and he works FAST!! I highly recommend Jason as your next drill/staging designer!”
Shawn Murphy – Director of Bands – Liberty Hill High School

Band Director's Dream!

“Jason is a band director’s dream drill writer. Not only is he conceptually creative – he is communicative, timely, and supportive through the drill learning and refining process. Speaking as an arranger, I can trust that he will stage students in a way that will maximize music effect. As a program coordinator, I can trust that he will elevate the production in both an effective and achievable manner. I would highly recommend Jason to help elevate your students’ experience in the marching arts.”

Reid Atkinson – Program Coordinator


Above and Beyond

“I have worked with Jason in both his roles as a program coordinator and a band director. As a drill writer, I appreciate the work and details Jason provides me before I start designing. I always have a clear understanding of his vision and that makes my job so much easier. As a WGI administrator, he consistently would provide one of the best WGI contests as a show partner. Any program would benefit from working with Jason!  ”

Dale Powers – President of Color Guard – Winter Guard International

Organized Process!

“It has been a pleasure having Jason Robb on our team this year!  He is creative, organized and on time!  If you are looking to go to the next level get Jason on your team!”

Tom Cox – Director of Bands – Goshen High School

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