Through a successful career as a middle school, assistant high school, and head high school band director, allow me to help you improve all areas of your band program. Whether it be vertical teaming strategies, Marching Band or Concert Band clinics, or assisting with your non-profit booster program, I can help you take your program to the next level of success.

In-Person Clinics

 Let me help you and your students improve. It starts by scheduling an informative and constructive in-person clinic. Having another perspective helps your program GROW. 

 Marching Band Rehearsals

Concert Band Rehearsals

 Sectional Rehearsals

Video Consultation

Hitting roadblocks in your performance? Let’s set up a video consultation to give you detailed constructive feedback for both creative and performance improvement plans.

 Feedback for Program Design

Feedback for Performance

Booster Consultation

As a Head Band Director, I rebuilt a band booster program from the ground up.  I can help with organization, fundraising, and long term planning. Let me help you and your booster organization succeed!

 Fundraising Expertise

Operational Expertise

Organizational Restructuring

Let's Start  Get In Touch

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